Steven Abadie

Product Designer | Software Developer

I'm developing sustainable products at and provide consulting services for growing businesses. I write here about my experiences.


In the last ten years I’ve cultivated business communications, organized product life-cycle and project management processes, helped raise two children, learned software development in the late evening hours, developed and managed the operations of ERP and MRP software, co-written awarded product manuals, hired for and developed highly successful teams, set up Linux web servers, attempted to be less bad at mountain biking, taught higher-ed courses, became deeply rooted in the free software and open hardware community, and proudly been a part of a company full of astounding people.

I take pride in my broad interests and knowledge. This experience provides a strong understanding of how people and groups best connect, communicate, and organize their work.

My focus is on helping businesses rapidly develop successful products and implement sustainable business practices. Feel free to contact through my consulting website or message me on Twitter.


In some cases I will use referral links in articles to link to products. These referrals do not provide significant revenue but do support projects I'm working on and continued content on this website.